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A1, A2, B1                       B2, C1                            C2                


The courses will lead you to the levels of  The European System of Accreditation from A1 to C2

After the Elementary Course for example you will be able to have substantial conversations  in everyday situations in Germany.

Courses can take place at any time according to your or the instructor's schedule.

Do not hesitate to send an email or call for further information. We then can arrange a first appointment - cost free - to talk about the details of a course. If you are not a beginner, a placement test could be very helpful. After this first meeting you decide, if you want to start a course.

In a 1:1 course or in a group up to 4 students you or the group decide how many lessons (hours) you want to book in total. One session usually lasts 60 minutes.
For pupils 45 minutes also are possible.


                                                                      F E E S 2019

The fees (subject to change) for classes from 1 - 4 students

Fees in Euro per person per 60 minutes:

 hours                              1:1                   2 pers.            3/4 pers.                

up to 59  h                      € 38,--              € 27,--                € 22,--

60 h + x                           € 35,--              € 22,--               € 18,--

Payment in a 1:1 class or in a small group up to 4 students has to be made in monthly rates in advance.

No VAT according to §4Nr.21 UstG


                                                    LESSONS FOR STUDENTS


We also offer a

special program "German as a Foreign Language" for pupils starting  at the age of 6.

The children must already be able to read and to write in their own language.


The fees for pupils - age   6 - 18  per person and 45 min. hour

45 min*.  /    hour**               1:1                            2 students                        3/4 students  

up to 79*  /   59**         € 27*,-- / 36**,--                  18,-- / 24,--                         15,-- / 20,--

           80+   /  60+        € 24,-- / 32,--                      15,-- / 20,--                         12,-- / 16,--                              


No VAT according to §4Nr.21 UstG

Payment has to be made in monthly rates in advance.