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phone:  06371- 95 24 381


Eberhard Vollmer
Wendelinusstraße 2

Centrally located next to the train station, the bus stops, shops and the townhall.

Many parking lots available (2 hours cost free with the blue "Parkscheibe")



Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of learning German from Herr Vollmer. I always looked forward to our weekly sessions; he not only expanded my understanding of the German language, but also enhanced it by exploring the culture and history.

Herr Vollmer's emphasis on the individualized pace of the lessons allowed me to expand and conquer speaking, listening, and reading skills.

I benefitted from his immense knowledge, and patience, as I learned the nuances of the German language and applied them to everyday life living in Rheinland-Pfalz.

This course is a MUST for anyone who desires to learn the German language while living in the Kaiserslautern area.

(Eric, MBA, USA, 2018)


My husband and I have just completed a years course with Herrn Vollmer. We would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn the German language or to improve on what they already know.

Herr Vollmer is a highly efficient and competent teacher who puts the student completely at ease. He is very patient and kind and does not worry how many times he has to explain things.

His knowledge on all aspects of the German language and the country itself is second to none. He is a fountain of knowledge and facts.

Not only is Herr Vollmer a very good teacher he is also a very nice man. This helps when you are nervous of learning a new language.

If you are looking for a very good and patient teacher of German for yourself or your children, Herr Vollmer is definitely your man.

Julia and Andrew Wilson (England, 2018)


If you desire to learn "Hochdeutsch" (standard German), then you've chosen the right place, Herr Vollmer is a very good teacher!

As both a linguist and a historian, he brings his students the opportunity to learn German both linguistically and culturally.

I found his approach refreshing and fulfilling, and I learned a great deal about the language and the country. Herr Vollmer is very thorough in his instruction, and is an extremely knowledgeable and competent instructor. If you decide to use his services, I think you'll be pleased. Herr Vollmer is a patient teacher, willing to answer all your questions...repeatedly.

However, he will expect you to work hard and be diligent in your studies, but I think you'll find your investment to be well worth the effort. Good luck! (Dr.S.Everhard, USA, 2014)


It has been my privilege to be a student of Herr Vollmer's for almost 5 years. Our weekly conversations in German have permitted me to richly enjoy my time in Germany where I can now easily understand the news, TV etc and communicate well during my travels throughout the country.

He is a gifted teacher and mentor of both the language and history of Germany who has significantly helped me during the past years. Before Herr Vollmer I had taken almost every available program on the base and within the Landstuhl-Kaiserslautern area. These weekly conversation sessions, almost 100% "auf Deutsch", were the most beneficial in my 18 years here in Landstuhl. I am greatly in debt to his skills and excellence in the field of German language and history. (Dr. Don Dunphy, USA, 2013)


Before I settled with taking German classes with Herr Vollmer, I had tried a few other places which did not, in the long run, suit my style of learning. Nor was the schedules conducive to mine. I have a young child and there have been a few occasions in which I have had to bring her with me. Normally this would be stressful, however Herr Vollmer's set up is such that my daughter can play in a room nearby while I have my lesson.

The enviroment is very laid back and scheduling is quite flexible. There is not the pressure of of a regular classroom where exams are taken, assignments must not be finished by some deadline. In Herr Vollmer's German classes, you move at your own speed. The educational material used is not overwhelming, yet easy to follow so you are not loaded down with tons of books. The key to learning any language however. is that you must still study.

You receive much more than just grammar and verbs in Herr Vollmer's course. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the history of Germany, the culture, and the geography. Should you not understand a certain context of the language and you ask the question, "Why is it this way?" He can tell you. It makes learning the concept more concrete. Not only am I learning about the German language, I am learning a lot about English as well. Herr Vollmer's courses are filled with so much more than just verb conjugations! (Heidi Morello, BS; CSCS, USA, 2013)


"If you are looking for a fantastic experience with the German language, look no further! Herr Vollmer is an extraordinary teacher and linguist. He has a real gift for explaining, in simple understandable terms, the grammatical rules of German. He also incorporates many aspects of Germann culture and geography. Our class with Herr Vollmer is, without doubt, a weekly highlight for our family." (Charlotte, PAC, MPH and Mark Engeman, Mechanical Engineer, USA, 2013)


"I have been taking lessons with Herrn Vollmer for over a year. He uses such simple techniques to teach German. He makes the language fun + incorporates custom + history to give the student a whole picture of the German culture. I completely enjoy my language course with Herrn Vollmer + highly recommend him to anyone, from beginner to advanced." (Kerin Older, M.A., Nebraska, USA, 2003)


"In my opinion Herr Vollmer is the ideal teacher to learn German from in this area. He is patient, intelligent and very knowledgeable about both German + European cultures. Not only is my German getting better, I get free history lessons as well." (Michelle Grippo, MPT, California, USA, 2004)


"I have had the opportunity to study with Herrn Vollmer over the past year. He is extremely pleasant to work with and has had a great deal of experience teaching German to English-speaking students. He presents the German language in a fun, non threatening manner and makes learning German enjoyable. He uses simple, fast and effective methods for learning German grammar and vocabulary and also provides great insight into the German culture. My German skills have significately improved and I highly recommend the German courses offered by Herrn Vollmer." (Dr.C.Simpson, Massachusetts, USA, 2003)


"Herr Vollmer is an excellent teacher and guide. I have been taking classes with him for about 9 months and I am delighted with both the method and the content of the lessons. He is a patient and understanding teacher who tailors his lessons to meet my needs. My reading and speaking of German has increased dramatically. I have especially enjoyed the way he augments his language lessons with his broad knowledge and understanding of German history, geography and culture." (Dr.Bob Kirzner, Canada, 2003)